Viña Santurnia Blanco

Tasting note
Sight: Straw yellow with grey borders. Clean and very bright.
Smell: Franc and very varietal, its fruit notes of peach, banana and kiwi, together with the citric notes of lemon and grapefruit peels show up. White flowers base.
Taste: glyceride, fresh, vivid, with an excelent balance between acidity and alcohol. Well build mid palate with a tasty and harmonious texture. Paladar medio bien construido con textura sabrosa y armoniosa. Intense aftertaste that leaves the fruit character, together with a touch of aromatic herbs.

Vineyards located in Rioja Alta and Rioja Alavesa with a clayey calcareous and frank sandy soil.  Briñas and Haro: planting density of 1.2×2.7m. Type of pruning: Vaso y Cordon Royal. Labastida: planting density of 1.2 x 2.7 m. Pruning: goblet. Ollauri: planting density of 1.2 x 2.7 m. Pruning: Cordón Royal .Planting production: 6500 kg/ha.


Manual harvest, on the first week of October.


After the manual harvest of the clusters of grapes are stalked and deposited in deposits where a cold fermentation maceration takes place for 5 hours. Subsequently, the grapes are pressed to obtain the must. The alcoholic fermentation process takes place in stainless steel deposits of 5,000 liters for 25 days at a controlled temperature of 14-16ºC. The wine ages for one month on its fine lees in order to obtain the maximum mannoproteins with frequent battonage.


Bottled on January.


90% Viura, 10% White Garnacha


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