Family winery

Ayala’s family, established in Briñas since 1853, places itself in the care of the winery, in the foothills of the Sierra de Cantabria.

Artisan production

The know-how on the tradition has been kept and handed down from each generation to the next, preserving old values and adding new ones.

Outstanding wines

An exceptional climate and an unique soil allow the development of singular and pure wines that identify and talk about our region.

On the basis on the wisdom of tradition.

Exceptional climate and soil.

Prepared in a family environment.


100% manual harvest

La vendimia -manual- se realiza en el momento ideal de maduración, generalmente a mediados de Octubre, y en ella se seleccionan…

Deóbriga’s release

Hoy estamos de estreno de nuestros vinos Deóbriga. Merecía la pena un restyling para igualar el gran caldo que llevan dentro…





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