All the process has been designed in order to obtain the highest quality possible

The winemaking process has been designed in order to obtain the highest wine quality, performing all the tasks with care and dedication.

1. Manual and selective wine harvest

The harvest takes place in the ideal ripering stage, in mid October, when the parcels and varieties are selected.

2. Grapes selection

A grape selection takes place in the elaboration of the Reserva, Gran Reserva and family selection wines, taking out the leaves and grapes with insufficient quality.

3. De-stalking

De-stalking is done gently, placing the grapes in the fermentation deposits and getting the grapes to ferment as complete and intact as possible, not using any kind of pump.

4. Deposits

Stainless stell deposits with a capacity of around 25,000 liters, having the same length and width, are equiped with a cooling system in order to guarantee a good control of the fermentation process, thereby reducing the breakage of grains.

5. Pressing.

80% of the wine and grape wort are obtained by stepping on the grapes in the interior of the deposit where they have been fermenting, as the founders did in the past. The rest is obtained with the use of a vertical hydraulic press, using the same method our forefathers used: Press, wort run-off, stop – Press, liquid run-off, stop.

6. Wine ageing

The ageing takes place in the underground facilities, where ideal temperature and humidity conditions are reached, and where the barrrels and bottle rack are kept for as long as necessary so as to achieve the perfect wine ageing.


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